Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Channeling her inner....Paula?

Say it ain't so! As I do every Sunday, I made a big brunch. It's become a much anticipated tradition, that it's seldom broken. There's a bevy of biscuits, eggs, bacon (or sausage), grits...etc. Everyone truly enjoys brunch.

Over the past few weeks, M3 has been gravitating towards BUTTER. No matter what I'm using it for/in, it's like she has a radar that hones in on it. I call it "buddar". She always wants to run her little 2 year old finger across a little pat. I'm having no part of this and it's making her down right mad.

So, here we are, having brunch and she is devouring bacon. For a shrimpy little girl, she can eat a ton of bacon! As she begins her fourth slice, I notice what she's doing.

She knew good and well that she wasn't getting a pat of butter on her plate, so he opted for the next best thing.....a buttered biscuit. Here's what I found.

I know pork fat rules.....but a butter dipped strip of bacon?? Really? I love her ingenuity, but the line has to be drawn somewhere! Right? lol

I love having a true little Southern Girl in my midst....she does pronounce it "buttah"!

Paula Deen, eat your heart out!

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